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Welcome to the Planet 3 Brainwave Choir website, and my utterly fascinating and mindbogglingly important projects. These 3 projects are...

Solo Artists On The Road: That 1 Guy and Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club, A Review

I have always been intrigued by solo rock acts. One person all alone on stage playing some combination of samples, recorded tracks, and live instruments, usually singing, and sometimes adding magic tricks or dance or some other performance type to the mix.

State by Todd Rundgren, A Review

How many rock musicians can you think of who have been actively working for over 40 years and have 23 full-length studio albums to their credit? It is a short list, isn't it?

Deerhoof vs. Boredom

Deerhoof vs. Artistic Complacency. Deerhoof vs. Stale Creativity. Deerhoof vs. Over-Categorization...

This Must Be The Band - The Hardest Working Band In The Known Universe - A Review

I said it and I meant it. This Must Be The Band, a Talking Heads tribute band from Chicago, is the hardest working band in the known universe.

A Reason To Go On Living - BREAKING BAD Is BACK!

Hopefully you already have a plethora of excellent reasons to want to go on living. If you really need one, though, here it is: Breaking Bad is back on AMC.

Headphone Evaluation The Super-Fast Way - Between Flights At An Airport Kiosk

Sometimes you say it best in an email. Here's a P.S. from one of my recent emails recounting a quick headphone eval at a well-known tech store in Cincinnati Airport during a recent layover.

Family Time, Middletown, CT, USA

Family time is great. If you like being with family, that is, and our family does like getting together. Nice.

A Year Of Blogging; Whatchagonnado?

A Blog Per Hour. Not bad. Not too many bloggers can say that.

The Practically Perfect Music Production Laptop - Intro

It is finished! Actually it is well underway. Actually, my big tech project for the next week, maybe two, the construction of The Practically Perfect Music Production Laptop, is just off to a really nice start.

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